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In 2016, Wroclaw, together with San Sebastian - Donostia, a Spanish city, will carry the title of European Capital of Culture.


European Capital of Culture 2016 Contest officially launched!

On Monday, 9 November 2009 in the Press Center of the Polish Press Agency in Warsaw, the Minister of Culture and National Heritage Bogdan Zdrojewski officially opened the contest for the title of “European Capital of Culture 2016”. Representatives of the cities, which are going to apply for this prestigious title, as well as Undersecretary of State in MKiDN Monika Smoleń who presented the idea of "European Capital of Culture” and the selection timetable, were also present at the press conference.

The aim of the contest is to select one Polish city to be nominated for “European Capital of Culture 2016” title. The nominated city will be formally nominated by the Council of the European Union.

Candidates for the “European Capital of Culture 2016 "should submit applications till 30 August 2010.

Applications are evaluated by a specially appointed selection panel in two stages: pre-selection and final selection. Taking into account the final recommendations issued by the selection panel, the Minister of Culture and National Heritage nominates one city to be “European Capital of Culture” and notifies the European Parliament, the Council, the Commission and the Committee of the Regions thereof, no later than four years before the event is due to begin. The Council, acting on a recommendation from the Commission and on the basis of the opinion by the European Parliament and the justifications based on the reports of the selection panels, shall officially designate the cities as “European Capitals of Culture” for the year 2016.

Cultural program:

In order to participate in the “European Capital of Culture 2016” contest cities shall prepare cultural programme. The program should meet the following objectives and criteria:

  • The cultural programme of the event shall be created specifically for the “European Capital of Culture” year, highlighting the European added value.
  • The programme shall be consistent with any national cultural strategy or policy of the relevant Member State and regional cultural strategies.

Duration of the program is one year. In justified cases the designated city may opt for a shorter period. Cities may choose to involve in its program their surrounding regions.

Due to Decision number 1622/2006/WE issued on October 2006 by the European Parliament and The Council of Europe, the cultural programme shall fulfill the following criteria, subdivided into two categories, ‘the European Dimension’ and ‘City and Citizens’:

Regarding ‘the European Dimension’ category, the programme shall:

  1. foster cooperation between cultural operators, artists and cities from the relevant Member States and other Member States in any cultural sector;
  2. highlight the richness of cultural diversity in Europe;
  3. bring the common aspects of European cultures to the for

Regarding the ‘City and Citizens’ category, the programme shall:

  1. foster the participation of the citizens living in the city and its surroundings and raise their interest as well as the interest of citizens from abroad;
  2. be sustainable and be an integral part of the long-term cultural and social development of the city.

Annexes (only in Polish):

  1. Decision nr 172/2009 of the Council of Ministers from 2 October 2009 regarding the co-ordination of Polish participation in the „European Capital of Culture” action;
  2. Decision nr 23 of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage from 29 October 2009 regarding the rules of procedures of the Selection Commission’ for choosing the European Capital of Culture 2016
  3. Rules of Procedure of the Selection Commission for choosing the European Capital of Culture 2016”;
  4. Application form for European Capital of Culture 2016 contest (in Polish and English);
  5. Participation and contact details form

Information on the contest

In October 2006, the European Parliament and the EU Council issued a decision, based on which in 2016 one of Polish cities together with the selected Spanish city will bear the honourable title of European Capital of Culture. It will be decided by way of a multi-level contest which Polish city will receive the title of ECC.

Candidate cities will be assessed by a body of 13 experts selected by the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Council of the European Union, the Committee of the Regions and the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage is responsible for organisation of the contest in Poland.

The contest will be announced in the autumn 2009 and will consist of 3 stages:

  • Stage I – pre-selection
  • Stage II – final selection
  • Stage III – monitoring

For more information see rules of the contest.



ECC 2016 Information Brochure