In 2016, Wroclaw, together with San Sebastian - Donostia, a Spanish city, will carry the title of European Capital of Culture.

Preparation of the application

Preparation of the application

The application for the title of European Capital of Culture should be prepared based on the application file in Polish and English. Cities may include supplementary documentation in order to complement and extent answers to the questions included in the application file.


The proposed application file consists of seven sets of questions:

  1. Basic assumptions
  2. Structure of the event programme
  3. Organisation and funding of the event
  4. City infrastructure
  5. Promotion strategy
  6. Evaluation and monitoring of the event
  7. Additional information

At the pre-selection stage some questions included in the application file are not compulsory but at the final selection stage answers to all questions must be provided.

Conditions concerning submission of applications will be defined in detail in the contest announcement.

Institutions responsible for preparation of applications should be familiar with official documents related to the European Capital of Culture programme. It is worth reading the Palmer Report and reports of the cities which have had the honour to be European Capital of Culture. Links to the above-mentioned information can be found under links.

To download:

  • Application for the title of European Capital of Culture (Application file)
  • Guide for cities applying for the title of European Capital of Culture

For more information see the information brochure – to be downloaded here.




ECC 2016 Information Brochure