In 2016, Wroclaw, together with San Sebastian - Donostia, a Spanish city, will carry the title of European Capital of Culture.

The title of the European Capital of Culture in 2013 will be held by Slovak city of Košice and Marseille in France. Thanks to their localization on the borderline of the European Union they both aim at the cultural exchange as well as connecting and transmitting cultural heritage between South and North, East and West.

Košice is the first Slovak city to be honored with the prestigious title of the European Capital of Culture. With second most numerous population in Slovakia, the city of Košice is situated in the eastern part of the country, in proximity to the border with Hungary and Ukraine, and at the same time on the eastern boarder of the European Union. With its unique Austro-Hungarian history and specific localization the city serves as a metaphorical “gateway” to Eastern Europe, where east and west meets. An evidence of that is Mihal Gallery which presents works of Andy Warhol - American artist with Slovakian origins. The program covers various events, from Night of Literature to folk dancing festival and Night of Museums and Galleries. Košice is also a city of changes, once a heavy industry area, now a teeming with cultural life city. Košice’s cultural project for European Capital of Culture promotes creativity and new ideas. It aims at supporting talented people and innovative art, as its motto for ECC 2013 is “We support creativity”.


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Marseille-Provence will lead its ECC 2013 program under a concept of “Euro-Mediterranean Workshops”. As the fourth French country to be awarded with the title of the European Capital of Culture, Marseille takes advantage of its heritage and localization. The city based its ECC 2013 program on the idea of two supplementary levels: international and regional. It promotes Mediterranean through the concept of “cultural dialogue laboratory" and aims at cultural exchange. Program will support exchange between artists from various fields as well as encourage scholars and researchers for an open communication with young people. Wide and varied program of cultural events include over 300 performances, music festivals, multimedia projects and art exhibitions. Marseille ECC 2013 will also devote a special exhibition on the occasion of centenary of Albert Camus’s birthday.

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