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On the sidelines


The battle-axe from Laptau03-02-2012

By a happy twist of fate insight offered by the restored inventory books of the Prussia-Museum from Königsberg made it possible to clear up the matter of some Early Medieval Prussian archaeological materials, still relatively poorly understood. Finds dated to this period, even if present in the holdings of the Prussia-Museum, were never the main core of this collection, outnumbered by materials from an earlier age (in most cases, also outshone by their attractiveness).

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he brooch from Suchodoły in the Suwałki region – the route to Berlin 03-02-2012

The brooch, discovered in 1928 at Suchodoły in the Suwałki region, was rediscovered and identified in 1998 …. in Berlin. Its story is a fine illustration of the dramatic circumstances experienced by museum collections in countries of the south-eastern Baltic region, the area covered by Project Ostbalticum.

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Strange twists of fate03-02-2012

The case of the inventory books of the former Prussia-Museum of Königsberg is in itself a paradox of history – for here is a fragment of cultural heritage of Germany (i.e. of East Prussia) first, offered by Russian museum specialists for salvaging by Polish conservation specialists, and subsequently, published and analyzed by researchers from Poland, Germany and Russia.

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If you wish to study archaeology, prepare to be a detective ! The case of the cemetery at Daumen, now Tumiany, Masuria03-02-2012

Any archaeologist who studies the territory inhabited in the past by Western Balts needs to polish his or her detective skills. And have the reasoning powers of a Sherlock Holmes.

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The “large and rich” cemetery at Sternwalde (Lasowiec), Masuria: a brief overview of archaeological research03-02-2012

Lasowiec, com. Mrągowo, voiv. Warmińsko-Mazurskie, lies approximately 5 km from the western city limits of Mrągowo among some hills rising between Lake Głębokie and Lake Średnie.

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