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From 1 July to 31 December 2011 Poland holds the Presidency in the Council of the European Union

If you are looking for more detailed information about the preparations to the Polish Presidency of the EU Council, visit the web portal www.prezydencjaue.gov.pl. Follow the course of Polish Presidency on the website PL2011.eu.

The twofold task of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

In connection to the Polish Presidency of the EU Council, the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage has a twofold task.

  • It is responsible for preparations and carrying out the Presidency in the fields of culture, audiovisual affairs and copyright,
  • It coordinates the National and the Foreign Cultural Programme of the Polish Presidency 2011.

Content activities in the field of competences of Ministry

For the needs of the Presidency the so called Presidency Corps has been created. The Corps includes 15 persons from Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. The Presidency Corps of the Ministry supports 3 working parties in 2 configurations of the EU Council.

The configuration
of the EU Council
The working party Field Responsible Department
of the Ministry
Chairperson of the working party during Polish Presidency
Education, Youth, Culture and Sport Council Cultural Affairs Committee
Culture Department of International Relations Karolina Zielińska

Audiovisual Working Party


Audiovisual Affairs



Intellectual Property and Media Department

Aleksandra Przegalińska
Competitiveness Council Working Party
on Intellectual Property
(subgroups on the copyright and protection of intellectual property rights)
Copyright  Dariusz Urbański


More detailed information about the Ministry’s priorities within competences of each working party of the EU Council is available on the subpage Priorities.



During the Polish Presidency the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, despite of its daily work on preparing and conducting the working parties organizes also a few important events, e.g.:

  • A conference ‘Eastern Dimension of Mobility’ (Warsaw, 6-7 July 2011) on Eastern Partnership, organized together with other ministries and the European Commission – more on the subpage Events and on the conference website www.eap-mobility.pl,
  • An experts conference ‘Competences in Culture’ (Warsaw, 18-20 July 2011) about the priorities of the Ministry in the fields of culture, audiovisual affairs and copyright – more on the subpage Events and on the conference website www.competencesinculture.pl,
  • European Culture Congress (Wrocław, 8-11 September 2011) with an informal meeting of ministers of culture and/or audiovisual affairs – more on the subpage European Culture Congress and on the congress website www.culturecongress.eu.

Besides, over a dozen of conferences and expert meetings are organized by cultural institutions liable to the Ministry.

A detailed agenda of events and meetings is available on the subpage Events.

Coordination of cultural programme of Polish Presidency

The cultural programme is an integral part of the programme of each Presidency and is an important element of its performing. Cultural events are addressed to wide audience within the state and abroad. They also accompany official meetings of the Presidency. The cultural programme - as a ‘visit card’ of Presidency – is an opportunity for building the image and promoting the state which holds the Presidency.

The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, responsible for coordination of cultural programme of Polish Presidency, has designated two institutions for preparation and conducting the task.

The National Audiovisual Institute is responsible for the concept and execution of the National Cultural Programme of Polish Presidency 2011.

The Adam Mickiewicz Institute, involved in promoting Polish culture abroad for many years, has developed and carries out the Foreign Cultural Program me of Polish Presidency 2011.

More information about cultural events connected with Polish Presidency is available on the subpages National Cultural Programme and Foreign Cultural Programme.


The Spokesperson of Polish Presidency in the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage is

More detailed contact data on the subpage Contact.

Further information

All further information are available on subpages (see menu above or below), inluding the subpage Documents and links.