National Cultural Programme - uwaga na kulturę!

The concept and implementation: the National Audiovisual Institute

The National Cultural Programme of Polish Presidency 2011 consists of special projects initiated by the National Audiovisual Institute in cities hosting high level meeting: Cracow, Poznan, Sopot, Warsaw, Wrocław – and addictionally in Lublin, Bialystok, Katowice and Krasnogruda. Projects are executed in cooperation with local organizations, NGOs and numerous European partners.


uwaga na kulturę!Three kinds of projects:

  • Flagship events – special projects initiated by the Institute
  • Projects recommended by Programming Board for the Cultural Setting of Polish Presidency of the EU Council
  • Prominent cyclical events and festivals in Polish cities

uwaga na kulturę!Including:

  • More than 1000 artistic projects
  • 170  partner organizations
  • 60 cyclical events
  • 9 Polish cities


Main theme: Art for Social Change.

According to this catchword, the Programme emphasizes the role of NGOs as well as bottom-up cultural initiatives and take on the Eastern Partnership issues.



In addition to special projects the Programme includes also projects recommended by the Programming Board for the Cultural Setting of Polish Presidency of the EU Council, organized by national cultural institutions and other bodies liable to the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (e.g.  museums, theaters, operas), as well as the most important cyclical events and festivals taking place e.g. in Warsaw, Cracow, Wroclaw, Poznan, Katowice and the Threecity. The list of festivals has been accepted by the Programming Board for the Cultural Setting of Polish Presidency and is composed of events conducted by national cultural institutions liable to the Ministry as well as by the local government and non-governmental organizations.


High-priority events are:

  • The inauguration of the Presidency on 1 July 2011 in Warsaw – a premiere of King Roger opera by Karol Szymanowski at the Great Theater – National Opera, directed by David Pountney with the participation of invited guests (e.g. José Manuel Barroso, Jerzy Buzek, Viktor Orban, Herman van Rompuy) and a full-day, open to the public musical spectacle set up on four specially prepared outdoor stages, dedicated to various genres of music,
  • the Cultural Festival accompanying the European Culture Congress which takes place in Wroclaw on 8-11 September 2011 (read more about the Congress on the subpage European Culture Congress),
  • The ending of the Presidency in December in Warsaw.


More information about the National Cultural Programme of Polish Presidency 2011 including the full list of all projects is available on the website www.nina.gov.pl/prezydencja.


Further information:


Most events of the Cultural Programme will be transmitted on-line in Kordegarda in Warsaw.