The Department of National Culture Institutions

The Department of National Culture Institutions supervises the cultural institutions in the field of theatre, music, fine arts as well as film institutuons. Moreover, it holds contests on director positions at the culture institutions. It is also responsible for initiating and running programs which execute Minister's cultural politics, including The National Strategy for the Development of Culture.

koniec głównej treści

contact details:

Ministry of Culture and National Heritage
ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 15/17
00-071 Warszawa

Department of International Relations
phone: +48 22 42 10 240
fax: +48 22 826 19 22

Contact for journalists:
Ministry’s Information Centre
phone +48 22 42 10 555
fax: +48 22 42 10 441
e-mail: rzecznik@mkidn(dot)gov(dot)pl