The Department of State Patronage

Director: Maciej Dydo

One of the main tasks of the Department of State Patronage is to coordinate the functioning of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage Programs. What is more, the Department cooperates with non-governmental organizations on matters connected with supporting and popularization of cultural and artistic activity. It also conducts cases connected with Minister awards, including Annual Minister Awards.

koniec głównej treści

contact details:

Ministry of Culture and National Heritage
ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 15/17
00-071 Warszawa

Department of International Relations
phone: +48 22 42 10 240
fax: +48 22 826 19 22

Contact for journalists:
Ministry’s Information Centre
phone +48 22 42 10 555
fax: +48 22 42 10 441
e-mail: rzecznik@mkidn(dot)gov(dot)pl