Wroclaw - The European Capital of Culture 2016

2016 have the title of special year in Poland - Wrocław will have the title of the European Capital of Culture and during one year, it will become the cultural centre of our continent. At this time, it will have a chance to showcase the cultural potential of not only the city itself, but also of the region and of the whole country. The city will be able to promote its cultural potential in the international arena, using the support from the European Commission in the form of the Melina Mercouri Prize, among others. The title is also an excellent opportunity to develop a long-term cultural development strategy.

The idea of the European Capital of Culture is constantly growing since 1985 and is now one of the most recognizable European Commission initiatives. Culture is the best tool for implementing the idea of integration, and the projects implemented within the framework of ECC reflect the spirit of the community and the coexistence of diverse cultures in Europe. Wroclaw was awarded the title as a result of a competition, joined by 11 Polish cities. The two-stage competition in 2011 was held by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

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